Colour all around: Photos taken over the weekend

Signs of spring - yellow leaves

Above - Bright yellow leaves appearing on the tree-tops, against a pretty blue sky.

Signs of spring - spiraea japonica

In the middle - Flaming spiraea japonica, with its new red, pink and orange leaves against the grey dead wood.

Signs of spring - soft sweet woodruff

Below - Soft and delicate greens of the sweet woodruff spreading all over the ground.


It wasn't looking too good at the beginning of the week - last Monday we awoke to a nasty surprise.

I took a few iPhone shots to document the wretched occasion.

April 23 - Snow ivyApril 23 - Snow critters

The poor critters.

It was a minor setback though, and mostly melted by that afternoon.


But, here's the sure sign that spring has really, truly arrived - babies!

Signs of spring - tadpolesSigns of spring - baby black squirrel

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  1. Spring! You are really several weeks behind us here in Maryland. All of the leaves have burst forth on the trees and it's lush and beautiful. Love the critters.

    1. Hi Kate. We had that warm stretch in March and I thought we were going to go from winter straight into spring, but we back tracked and have been plodding along. :D

  2. Woo hoo. Look at that color. Wonderful!

    And the peek-a-boo squirrel is a cutie.

    1. Hi Andi. The cute baby makes it hard to be mad at the squirrels (for crowding out the birds at the feeder).

  3. omg he's peaking around the corner - I love it!

    1. Haha! Cutie, isn't it.

      I went out to put out some bread crumbs and I guess he hasn't yet learned I'm the evil one that turns the hose on them out of exasperation on their bird feeder shenanigans ... ;-)

      Good to see you - noticed you haven't been posting at the b (not that I'm one to talk). Are you posting your 52 weeks project on fb?

    2. Afraid I fell off the 52 week wagon, think I burned out photography wise in Bermuda. Still have a few videos to finish from that trip as well, just been very busy. Work has been wild with a reorganization of things, a grievance and more on the ex-wife soap opra. But on the plus side looking at the weather and the canoe over the next few weeks ;-) But I gotta sling the camera and get my butt out there!

    3. I can understand that -- hard to leave all the beauty and colour, and find interesting photo ops here. I remember feeling that way when I got back from my Europe trip a few years ago.

      Re: the gov reorg, it's quite an uncertain time right now in Ottawa, isn't it.

      We're itching to get the canoe out as well -- just needs to warm up a touch (was so cold last w/e) but it would be nice to beat the bugs out there. :)

  4. This just makes me all kinds of happy.

    1. Hi Deb! Have to admit I felt the most happy when I spotted the tadpoles. :D