Hide and seek


Still working through archives. Getting lost in files. Photo on left taken last winter, photo on right taken this summer.


Beautiful light

Aster bee

The clouds were a giant softbox today at the Ornamental Gardens. Lots of light, lots of rich colour, lots of critters.


Lake meets mist

Mazinaw lake

This is the view of Mazinaw Lake at Bon Echo Sunday morning. The fog and mist were sitting heavily on the water, reducing visibility to about 15 feet. It was an eerie otherworld, both quiet and loud with tiny sounds echoing off the cliffs we couldn't yet see. It was one of the most remarkable outings.

This was our first visit, so along with limited sight-lines we had no familiarity with the geography to guide us (other than our maps) but it didn't take long to see vague darkness ahead - the cliffs.

Mazinaw canoe portMazinaw cliffs appearing

Eerie. Quiet. Beautiful.

Mazinaw coming into view

Mazinaw cliffs and fog

Mazinaw cliff

Mazinaw looking up cliffMazinaw trees

Mazinaw cliffs

Looking back:

Mazinaw looking back

It's amazing to see trees growing in the rocks, many with exposed roots. And there were lots of spiderwebs hanging from their branches. The webs were coated in the heavy mist and looked like strings of beads.

Mazinaw spiderweb in tree

Mazinaw spiderweb fullMazinaw green spiderweb

Industrious critters.

Mazinaw water view

The cliffs are known for the Native pictographs or rock paintings -- the following being one of the more commonly seen in photographs:

Mazinaw pictograph

Mazinaw tree

Mazinaw cliff porMazinaw canoe left

And one last surprise of the morning -- on the way back, this butterfly appeared out of the mist on the lake, catching me by surprise. It was so colourful against the grey sky.

Mazinaw butterfly

Mazinaw ripples


Friday cloud blogging


Sunset from the back garden this past Monday.

(ETA @ 2010-09-21 1525h) Here is a screenshot of Adobe Bridge showing the raw (right) and edited (left) images:

For both, I tweaked the white balance, decreased exposure a touch and did a slight tone curve adjustment to highlights and shadows using Lightroom. For the bottom image, I cloned out the tree branches in Photoshop.



Blue 1Blue 3
Blue 5
Blue 4Blue 2
Blue 6

From Saturday morning's excursion, canoeing on the calm waters of Crotch Lake.

It was a gorgeous day weather-wise. Clear skies, sunny but not hot. When we put in, we were greeted by a beaver swimming around us, coming close, so close, even closer ... and then with a big! splash of his tail he was gone. (Though we spotted his little head from across the lake a few more times that morning.)


Bee up close

PerovskiaBee close

On Russian sage. From the Ornamental Gardens. Photo on left taken last year, photo on right taken last week.


Canoeing on Meech Lake

Best day

It's been a long time.

A loooooooooonnnnngggg time.

So long.

I can't think of anything more soothing to my soul than being out on a calm lake in the early morning listening to the quiet sounds of water lapping against the canoe and dribbling from the end of a paddle, and not-so quiet loons calling to one another. And all the while, watching the sky and clouds shifting and the mist slowly swirl and disappear as the sun begins to warm the air.

I have missed this so much.




The beginning of the end of summer.


Bees and Russian sage

Russian sage and bees 3

Russian sage and bees 2

Russian sage and bees 1

Russian sage and bees 4

From the Ornamental Gardens earlier today. I didn't spend as much time exploring as I had planned (the humidity, oh the humidity) but I did get to check out the organic garden and the cleome patch.