Random thoughts ...

Fall 1

Many leaves falling and lining the streets. Wet on stone and brick bring out the richness in colour. Gets dark so early these days; even more so with overcast skies. Lights in shop windows are welcoming. To get: something warm to drink. The aroma of coffee, overheard voices laughing through opening and closing doors.

Fall 2

Look at those hardy flowers holding on; blooming away despite the cold, wind, darkness. Pumpkins add a bright and cheery touch, even in their 'yet-to-be-carved' state.

Fall 3

Wrapping up in a warm coat. Red is a popular colour. Wearing wool and fleece: toques, mitts, scarves. No vanity in covering heads in these temperatures -- ears get cold fast. A few leaves holding on here and there, despite the wind.

... while walking in the city at this time of year.


Torch lily and guest

Torch lily 1Torch lily 4

I took these photos back in September at the Ornamental Gardens. From afar, what I thought looked like oddly shaped and coloured stamens and anthers, was actually the rear end of a hornet sticking out of a Torch lily flower.

Torch lily 2Torch lily 3

Here's a full view of the few remaining blooms at the time:

Torch lily full


Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging sunrise 1

The brightest colours don't last long during sunrise/sunset, do they. This was about 15 minutes later:

Friday cloud blogging sunrise 2

A few more:

Friday cloud blogging sunrise 3Friday cloud blogging sunrise 4
Friday cloud blogging sunrise 6
Friday cloud blogging sunrise 9Friday cloud blogging sunrise 4
Friday cloud blogging sunrise 10
Friday cloud blogging sunrise 8Friday cloud blogging sunrise 12
Friday cloud blogging sunrise 7


Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves 1

Another tree at the Ornamental Gardens (another Euonymus bungeanus I think). This one was bright red, peach, orange and yellow, with hints of green.

Autumn leaves 5
Autumn leaves 4
Autumn leaves 6
Autumn leaves 3
Autumn leaves 7
Autumn leaves 2



Sunrise cattails

1. a steady radiance of light or heat
2. a strong feeling of pleasure or well-being

Sunrise diptych

1. give out steady light without flame
2. have an intense color and a slight shine
3. feel deep pleasure or satisfaction and convey it through
one's expression and bearing

Sunrise rays

Shine, radiate, gleam, glimmer, flicker, flare,
luminesce, heat, smolder, burn, flush,
blush, redden, tingle, thrill, beam,
light, incandescence, warmth,
heat, happiness,


Fall leaves and berries

Berries and leaves 7

I took a few photos of this stand of trees at the Ornamental Gardens yesterday. I did a bit of searching and I think this is Euonymus bungeanus, but not 100% sure. The colours of the leaves are peach, rose, yellow and green.

Berries and leaves 5

The seeds stand out as well - bright red berries inside pink shells.

Berries and leaves 10

Berries and leaves 9

Berries and leaves 6

A full view:

Berries and leaves 3

And looking up again (thanks Scott!):

Berries and leaves 2

Berries and leaves 1

Berries and leaves 11Berries and leaves 13

I love this time of year.


Marking 10-10-10

Andrea from a peek inside the fishbowl posted the other day about her goal to commemorate 10-10-10 by capturing 10 photos -- one photo each hour for 10 hours -- today. I thought this was a great idea and have thrown my camera into the ring.

The rules I've set for myself are to take and post one photo for each hour (not necessarily ON the hour) for 10 hours today. I was out at Jack Pine this morning for a sunrise photo shoot, so I started off early. I'll be posting a photo for 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm, and will update this post throughout the day.

You can follow along with others who are participating by checking out Andrea's blog post, as well as this twitter hashtag or this flickr group.


6am - Sunrise, Jack Pine

7am - Sunrise, Jack Pine

8am - Cattails, Jack Pine

9am - my kitty, in his usual snoozing spot near my desk

10am - 10-10-10 at 10:10 heh, computer on the aforementioned desk

11am 111am 211am 3
11am - Smoothie, at home

12pm - Burning bush out front is still ... burning

1pm - Scarves and shawls, complete and in-progress

2pm - Basil on my windowsill is flowering!

And one more for my 10 in 10 ...

3pm - Sparkler

The End.

(I think this would have been so much easier using an iPhone or other smartphone. You could set an alarm for a minute to, or heck on the hour, and then snap! take the photo, upload it right away and post. Maybe for next year's 11-11-11 ... ;-)