Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging bird

Grackle in the leaves at Dick Bell Park.

Can't wait for these bright colours to reappear.



Black locust leaves

Black locust leaves on skyBlack locust leaves on grass

Against the sky and grass.


Friday heart-shaped cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging heart 1
Friday cloud blogging heart 2
Friday cloud blogging heart 3

Wee bit of a stretch, but ...

Happy Valentine's Day.


Camargue horses

Camargue horses

Note for Andi -- my newly re-built hard drive crashed on Sunday, and I have made it all the way through K├╝bler-Ross' stages of grief to Acceptance today. ;-) I did make a cloned version of the rebuilt drive that is only a few weeks out-of-date, so not completely dire. But, my confidence in electronic media has been shaken. All that to say, this is the reason I haven't posted the new photos this week!


Trees covered

Trees greenTrees white

Leaves and snow.


Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging

Another oldie, re-edited.

Taken near Rhodes.


Snowy burning bush

Snowy burning bush

Some snow from this season.

Plus some colour.

I haven't been posting many (any?) snowy photos from this year. Seems, I never want to post photos of current seasons, and end up posting the opposite of what we're experiencing.


Sunflower petals

Sunflower petals bw 1

In black and white.

Sunflower petals bw 2