Impatiently waiting for the switchover.


Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging

Tree in the back garden during different days, seasons etc.


Colourful birds

common redpoll

Are a treat in winter.



Hoya flowering time

Hoya flower buds 1

I photographed the buds above a few days ago. The tiny little buds have progressed to the next stage:

Hoya flower buds 1 stage 2b

Hoya flower buds 1 stage 2a

Hoya flower buds 1 stage 2c

And a new fuzzy bud cluster has started:

Hoya flower buds 2

Hoya flower buds both

A full view of both clusters, different stages.

Hoya flowers open

An older photo, showing what the flower cluster will look like when fully opened.

The scent the flowers emit is ... very strong. Early mornings it fills the house. The petals are fuzzy -- covered in hair. The middles are hard, waxy and ooze a thick liquid that drips down the leaves and if I'm honest, is quite a mess.

Not sure why I'm so fascinated by these flowers ...

I've got 4 orchids blooming at the moment as well, but the hoya buds have me captivated.



Cardinal 1

With all his feathers.

Cardinal 2


Bee on aster

Bee on aster at Old Quarry Trail 1

at Old Quarry Trail.

Bee on aster at Old Quarry Trail 2


Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging trees and lakeFriday cloud blogging treesFriday cloud blogging trees bw

The Dr. Seuss trees from out west.



Fuzzy IBs

African violet IB

From the African violet.