Colour all around: Photos taken over the weekend

Signs of spring - yellow leaves

Above - Bright yellow leaves appearing on the tree-tops, against a pretty blue sky.

Signs of spring - spiraea japonica

In the middle - Flaming spiraea japonica, with its new red, pink and orange leaves against the grey dead wood.

Signs of spring - soft sweet woodruff

Below - Soft and delicate greens of the sweet woodruff spreading all over the ground.


It wasn't looking too good at the beginning of the week - last Monday we awoke to a nasty surprise.

I took a few iPhone shots to document the wretched occasion.

April 23 - Snow ivyApril 23 - Snow critters

The poor critters.

It was a minor setback though, and mostly melted by that afternoon.


But, here's the sure sign that spring has really, truly arrived - babies!

Signs of spring - tadpolesSigns of spring - baby black squirrel

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I want colour


I went for a walk yesterday, and snapped a few photos.

Things are still dull at the moment. And seeing the lovely colourful photos you're all posting is making me long for colour to return to this part of the planet.

So, back to the walk. It was just so ... brown.

And beige.

But mostly brown.

Even the critters. Even the critters' eyeballs. Even the treats for the brown-eyed critters.


Okay, there is new growth, but still ...


On brown.

Against a brown background.


Maybe a hint of reddish-brown.



And I'm not saying brown is bad -- I'm just looking for a little less brown.

And a lot of non-brown.

I want this:

Flowers from last spring

Waiting in Ottawa.


(PS. I'm also blaming brown for the lack of posts -- it's just, I didn't want to ruin brown for you all as well, what with the many, many, many photos I've taken featuring ... tada: the colour brown. Ha!)