Randoms from a quick visit to the Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental Gardens - Spiraea

Ornamental Gardens - Fresh green

Ornamental Gardens - Buttonwood tree

Ornamental Gardens - Old and new

Ornamental Gardens - Tractor

Ornamental Gardens - Greenhouse

Ornamental Gardens - Empty trellis

Ornamental Gardens - Fountain

Ornamental Gardens - New leavesOrnamental Gardens - Tulips

Monday. First visit of the season to see what's new, what's growing at the moment. Disappointed to see the Japanese Maple is gone from the fountain area. The tulips have just come up -- quite a few have opened, but it looks like most will open within the next few days. The blossoms on the trees have just started -- only a few buds here and there. Some of the lilacs have budded as well. On the whole though, things are just getting started. It's nice to see all the green!


  1. Thar be green in them there gardens!

  2. I think I saw a Japanese Maple over by the sunken rock garden- either they moved it or I never noticed it? The garden is quite lovely right now, great shots! If you're interested I'd love to meet you there sometime, I'm always interested in going with another photographer. :)

    1. Hi Caitlin! I'll have to check that on the next visit - I didn't wander through the rock garden. I hope it's still there - it's one of my favourites. I'd love to meet you and have a photo-outing! My email addy is up at the top of the page - shoot me an email and we can make plans. :D