I'm not good at blogging

Flamingo feathers up close at the Butterfly Gardens, Victoria BC.

I admit it.

I'm not good at blogging.



Doesn't matter -- I'm not good at either.

And I'm not good at tweeting, tumbling, instagramming, facebooking, etc. You name it.

I am good at reading blogs though ... and tweets and tumblrs and instagrams. And I'm envious of people who seem to be able to document their lives in words and images so easily.

I tend to retreat when bad things happen -- my father recently had some pretty severe health problems and had to be hospitalized for a week. He's doing better now, and is back home.

I tend to retreat when good things happen -- my brother was married at the beginning of September. It was a beautiful ceremony, with beautiful lovely people, in a beautiful location. And, now I've got a sister. Yay!

I tend to retreat when I'm travelling. I'm scared to mention I'm away for fear my house will be broken into even though we have pet sitters! -- we just got back from a fantastic trip out West for the wedding (Washington State and Vancouver Island).

The point is, I tend to retreat from online life exactly when I have interesting or news-worthy things to share.

And it's frustrating.

This is my mea culpa, I guess.

Moving on.

Here are some images from some of the various places we visited. (Nothing like travelling to renew one's zest for photography and to fill up all those hard drives!) I'm looking forward to sharing more of these images in the next few weeks.

Partial shot of the ceiling at Chihuly Garden and Glass (OMG that place is amazing), Seattle WA.

Wind turbines at sunset, near Quincy WA.

Light and colour reflecting on the undulating wall of the Jimi Hendrix Museum, Seattle WA.

Buckets of colourful flowers (the dahlias - OMG again) at Pike Place Market, Seattle WA.

Sunset over the gorge, near Quincy WA.