Torch lily and guest

Torch lily 1Torch lily 4

I took these photos back in September at the Ornamental Gardens. From afar, what I thought looked like oddly shaped and coloured stamens and anthers, was actually the rear end of a hornet sticking out of a Torch lily flower.

Torch lily 2Torch lily 3

Here's a full view of the few remaining blooms at the time:

Torch lily full


  1. What a luscious color! And yes, I can see you thinking it was an odd stamen sticking out. I love prairie type gardens – unfortunately they don't work too well on my property which is mostly shady. My areas of sun are reserved for roses! – g

  2. Your work is so beautiful! I was shooting today and made sure to get the Fall details!!! =)

  3. What beautiful color! And such a cute little bee bum, too... lol

  4. Nice macro view of the hornets. I like the last one with its ... ehm ... lets call it hair style! :-)

  5. Beautiful photos. I am amazed that your torch lilies are still blooming, or was this taken earlier? Our bloom at the height of summer.

    Lovely work as usual.

  6. Your work is so inspiring! love,love coming here to see all of it and to dream...so lovely!