Fall leaves and berries

Berries and leaves 7

I took a few photos of this stand of trees at the Ornamental Gardens yesterday. I did a bit of searching and I think this is Euonymus bungeanus, but not 100% sure. The colours of the leaves are peach, rose, yellow and green.

Berries and leaves 5

The seeds stand out as well - bright red berries inside pink shells.

Berries and leaves 10

Berries and leaves 9

Berries and leaves 6

A full view:

Berries and leaves 3

And looking up again (thanks Scott!):

Berries and leaves 2

Berries and leaves 1

Berries and leaves 11Berries and leaves 13

I love this time of year.


  1. These are stunning! I love the second photo. xoxo

  2. The red berries are just wonderful.. To bad I don't have a 4 weather cycle over here :-)

  3. ;-) LOL, glad I could help! A lovely series of shots! This is the best time of year for photography!

  4. Candis, these are just gorgeous! A really lovely autumn essay. – g

  5. the fourth one with the pinks against that blue, blue sky makes me smile.

  6. I'd say your research is well done. Mr. Google agrees with your findings. What a beautiful plant. Something for all seasong.

    Your photos really do it good credit and shows all the beauty of this plant. The third one is my favorite but, then, I'm a macro kind of girl. The one from a distance showing the whole stand is particularly nice too. Lovely work.

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Regan -- thank you for visiting and your kind comments!

    vedd -- your beautiful geography makes up for it ... ;-)

    Scott -- agree with you there.

    maryb -- it's like party decorations ... ;-)

    Thanks Coneflower. The red berries/pink shell seems to be the key to ID -- the other version I was considering had orange berries inside pink shells.

  8. Oooo, gorgeous - especially the first two images. Soooo beautiful!

  9. Wow! those are beautiful little flowers- lovely springlike pinkness! Thanks for sharing!