Blue 1Blue 3
Blue 5
Blue 4Blue 2
Blue 6

From Saturday morning's excursion, canoeing on the calm waters of Crotch Lake.

It was a gorgeous day weather-wise. Clear skies, sunny but not hot. When we put in, we were greeted by a beaver swimming around us, coming close, so close, even closer ... and then with a big! splash of his tail he was gone. (Though we spotted his little head from across the lake a few more times that morning.)


  1. I thought if I saw them all together I might change my mind about which one I liked best. But I didn't. I love them all but I love the top right shot the bestest.

  2. I like the paddle one -- the little vortex. :)

  3. My favorite is the paddle one.
    I like the two kind of smoothness,
    smooth paddle and smoothness of water.

  4. Hi Zofia! It's wonderful to see you again. :)

  5. Nice to see you blogging again! (I'm still a follower of parvum opus, even there is nothing to follow :-)

    And the photos are as good as they where on the old blog (perhaps a little bit better ;-)

    These pictures are amazing, cause I tried to do the same this summer and didn't get the right settings on my camera. It was frustrating! Could you give me same metadata of these shots?

    Greetings from Germany

  6. (Let me try this again -- it was too hard to read the metadata last time.)

    Hi cougar/Stefan! Thank you, and it's great to see you too. :D

    (Hmmm. Maybe I should leave a note at parvum opus with a link to here. Andi's initial suggestion. ;-)

    Metadata - sure thing. If you have any questions let me know.

    1st row:

    R - 18-200mm lens @56mm ... ƒ5 at 1/125s with ISO 200 (polarizer filter)
    L - 18-200mm lens @50mm ... ƒ11 at 1/500s with ISO 400 (polarizer filter)

    2nd row:

    18-200mm lens @50mm ... ƒ5 at 1/250s with ISO 200 (polarizer filter)

    3rd row:

    R - 18-200mm lens @18mm ... ƒ8 at 1/250s with ISO 400 (polarizer filter)
    L - 18-200mm lens @62mm ... ƒ5.6 at 1/30s with ISO 400 (polarizer filter)

    4th row:

    18-200mm lens @46mm ... ƒ5.6 at 1/80s with ISO 400 (polarizer filter)

  7. They're all great! But the paddle shot really speaks to me. Tells a good story.

  8. Ha Scott - was just over at your blog. Beautiful images from your day, esp the last one ... ;-)

  9. TODO: Create link at parvum opus to this beautiful blog! ;-)

  10. so very beautiful! together they make a lovely grouping of abstract art -- i could totally see them on a wall somewhere... :)

  11. haha, thank Candis, I appreciate that as does Jen!

  12. beautiful blue. summer blue. i love these shots.

  13. Mary -- Thanks!

    Scott -- :D

    Margie -- Great to see you!

  14. Thanks for dropping by Candis.. You definitely have a good artistic eye, especially when you play with abstract art!