Lake meets mist

Mazinaw lake

This is the view of Mazinaw Lake at Bon Echo Sunday morning. The fog and mist were sitting heavily on the water, reducing visibility to about 15 feet. It was an eerie otherworld, both quiet and loud with tiny sounds echoing off the cliffs we couldn't yet see. It was one of the most remarkable outings.

This was our first visit, so along with limited sight-lines we had no familiarity with the geography to guide us (other than our maps) but it didn't take long to see vague darkness ahead - the cliffs.

Mazinaw canoe portMazinaw cliffs appearing

Eerie. Quiet. Beautiful.

Mazinaw coming into view

Mazinaw cliffs and fog

Mazinaw cliff

Mazinaw looking up cliffMazinaw trees

Mazinaw cliffs

Looking back:

Mazinaw looking back

It's amazing to see trees growing in the rocks, many with exposed roots. And there were lots of spiderwebs hanging from their branches. The webs were coated in the heavy mist and looked like strings of beads.

Mazinaw spiderweb in tree

Mazinaw spiderweb fullMazinaw green spiderweb

Industrious critters.

Mazinaw water view

The cliffs are known for the Native pictographs or rock paintings -- the following being one of the more commonly seen in photographs:

Mazinaw pictograph

Mazinaw tree

Mazinaw cliff porMazinaw canoe left

And one last surprise of the morning -- on the way back, this butterfly appeared out of the mist on the lake, catching me by surprise. It was so colourful against the grey sky.

Mazinaw butterfly

Mazinaw ripples


  1. oh just beautiful. Being out there in that mist ... you're like a voyageur of old :)

  2. Hi maryb. LOL, it was sort of thrilling not being able to see where we were going ... but being between the large/looming rocks on the one side and the open but completely socked in lake on the other had me feeling slightly vertiginous. Not sure I'd have made it as a voyageur ... ;-)

  3. Perfect -- I get pleasure of your canoe trip without the sore arms and butt. :D

  4. Lovely shots Candis, it's a nice place to paddle but haven't been over there in a few years. And have never been there with mist, that would be neat! I did have the pleasure of watching some rock climbers there for a few hours one day work their way up the cliff. Was pretty wild to watch. Glad you got out and enjoyed it! The spider web shots are very nice, I've been meaning to start carrying a squirt bottle with me to moisten up the webs when I find them, definitely makes for a more dramatic picture.

  5. I simply love your photos!!! :)

  6. oh what a beautiful, quiet feeling here -- so very peaceful!!! I love how all the images together tell a story... beautiful!

  7. After watching your pics I googled "Mazinaw Lake". Now I'm sad that I didn't traveled there ... we only came to Smith Falls ...
    I like most the one shot with the cliffs and the tree standing one's ground.
    And a great wallpaper for my desktop would be the last one ... :-)

  8. Scott -- I can't imagine rock climbing (I'm so clumsy I'd hurt myself for sure lol) ... :D Wasn't sure what to expect but it was nice. I think it might get crowded though. Glad for the fog and we were early enough. Only saw a few other canoes and one kayak and that was when were almost back to the put-in spot.

    Thanks Dana!

    Mary -- it was so fun with the fog/mist. :)

    cougar -- You'll have to add it to your 'To See' list for when you come back and visit. :) As for the wallpaper, I'll send you an email.

  9. Hi Candis,
    This is a very lovely photo tour. Hard to choose a favorite... probably the spider web ones. I see them but they are amazingly hard to capture. Good job! Also liked the stone paintings and the butterfly, but your capture of water waves in the last photo is very special. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Coneflower -- it was my favourite outing so far. :-) Thanks for your kind comments ... xoxo