Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging 3

Images in Friday cloud blogging this week are from the archives - you may recognize some of them. The shot above was taken in 2007, at Andrew Haydon Park.

Friday cloud blogging

The ocean at dusk near Dubrovnik, taken in 2008. Ah, seems so long ago now.

Friday cloud blogging 5

Taken in 2009, the trail off Corkstown Rd.

Friday cloud blogging 2

From the Experimental Farm's Canada Day celebration in 2007.

Friday cloud blogging 4

Another taken back in 2007, at the infamous Crotch Lake.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh Candis, why are we just seeing these now? These are WONDERFUL! The perspective on each is great and the colours are awesome! Keep digging in those archives, you have some gems in there.

  2. It's been an interesting visit through the archives, that's for sure. :D

  3. Ahhh. I just want to lean back and look at the clouds. In the shot from Corkstown Road I feel like I'm laying in the grass and doing that. I love this blog. :)

  4. Yes!! There is the comment spot.

    Your photography is fabulous!

    The birds against the sunset! Are they Canada Geese? So grand!

    That is one big anvil head at Dubrovnik. Did a storm follow?

    Love the grass against the sky!

    What could be better than Canadian maple leaves all over the globe? :-)

    I love sky reflections! And those little ripples are the perfect touch. Nature is quite a wonderful artist.

  5. Hi maryb and Coneflower. So great to see you both again ... ;-)

    Coneflower -- Yep, those are Canada Geese. I think they were coming in for a landing on the river and that's why they look so funny. :) As for the storm in Dubrovnik, it rained but it was falling in sections so you could see it and we would sail in and out of it. Was neat.