Faraway frogs

Amazon milk frogs

Over the long weekend we got a chance to visit the renovated Museum of Nature. The glass structure at the front of the building is interesting - lots of light, neat patterns with the glass and cables. I took a few photos, but they were setting up for a wedding so too many people around. These photos are from the frog exhibit currently on display. The frogs above are Amazon Milk frogs. They were hanging out in groups like shown. Pretty colours.

Chinese gliding frogs 2

The Chinese Gliding frogs have huge sucker-like toes, their skin is such a vibrant green with a texture that makes it seem as though they're made of rubber.

Blue dart frog

Dart Poison frogs - they had blue and yellow and green ones. Little guys, a bit smaller than a golf-ball.


  1. The colours are wonderful! The little blue guy is so cute.

  2. Hi Scott! The little blue guy was cute - I got a couple shots of the yellow one, but it was hiding in the back and not as bold as Blue.