Stacks of petals

Petals of a pink peony above, and white rose below. Fragrant beauties from my garden. Delicious individually, combined their scent is intoxicating.


Nature has never been silent for me. Nature whispers in my ear all the time, and it is the same thing over and over. It is not "Love." It is not "Worship." It is not "Psst! Dig here!"

Nature whispers, and sometimes shouts, "Beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty."

Sharman Apt Russell
Anatomy of a Rose


  1. Oh Candis, I love the soft light your using these days. That the 35mm lens? Wow.

  2. Hey Scott. These were both taken with the Sigma 105mm lens. That lens creates the most beautiful, creamy blur. I should start putting up my camera info in the posts.

    The peony was with the D300 + 105mm @ ƒ2.8 1/640s iso400.

    The rose was with the D70s + 105mm @ ƒ2.8 1/250s iso200.

    I've started using the D70s again so I don't have to change out the lenses - usually have the 35mmf2 on the D300 and the 105mm2.8 or 18-200mm on the D70s.