Can't complain about the weather during the week we spent on the Island. While there were a couple of clear/sunny days, it would often rain for a bit during each day. Not a big problem, especially when walking on the forest trails (all that growth makes for a fantastic umbrella). The one day we had mostly rain we visited indoor places like Butterfly World. Worked well. Actually, the challenge was trying to keep the lens from fogging up due to the sauna-like conditions. ;-)



  1. Ah comments are working again ;-) Candis, I really love these butterfy shots. The colours and details are AMAZING! You really out did yourself on these ones. Large versions must be really nice to look at.

  2. Hey Scott - ah, those pesky blogger comment bugs. :)

    Thank you! These were taken w/ the D300 + 35mmf2. I really love that lens. I picked it up to replace the 50mm1.8, to give me a bit more room. Have been really happy with it. Really captures light well ... love it.