Friday cloud blogging

Friday cloud blogging swamp sunset

Swamp sunset.


  1. Hope your Friday is as great as that photo.

    1. Thanks Andi. I hope so too -- last night was hard (one week since the awful day). I've had one day where I didn't wake up crying, but otherwise it's been bleak.

      Hope you have a good w/e there and find lots of spring springing.

    2. I'm so sorry. The best advice I can give after the experience of our 5 dogs is to concentrate on good memories.

      Not too much doing here springwise -- but the maples are now tinged with red and some of the dogwoods have buds that look like they might open soon(ish).

    3. Looking forward to the dogwoods!

      We had some warm weather and rain and most of the snow has melted in the back. A few crocus blooms came out! We've made it to spring here, t think. :)