Friday cloud blogging

Tay sunrise

Had the canoe out this past weekend for the first time this season.

Tay calm waters

Calm waters in the marsh

We left the house at 5am in order put in just as the sun was rising -- the mist and fog and calm waters make the early rising worth it.

Getting an early startCalm waters in the canal

Fog rising pink

Calm waters


We picked the Tay canal and river as we've never been there before, wanted something relatively close and it was recommended to us. It was an amazing paddle -- so many loons and ducks and beavers shared the sunrise with us. Beautiful.

Calm waters on the canal sunrise

Tay channel marker

Fog in the marsh


Tay circle ripples

Fog lifting in the marsh


Lily pads

Tay ripples


  1. A very nice set Candis. First time I've saw the Tay from an early morning perspective. Wonder if I can get Jen up really early some morning ;-) She's not an early riser. But that is a wonderful paddle spot and you sure picked the right time of day!

  2. Gorgeous sky. Love the sense of quiet in the canoeing photos and could spend much time being fascinating by all the ripple patterns.

  3. Thanks Scott. Jen sounds like me -- I am so not a morning person -- but getting up early for this is worth it. There are usually no others around and it's quiet and that smooth water and fog/mist ... definitely worth it!

    Thanks Andi. It's easy to get caught up with the ripples instead of paddling too ... ;-)

  4. Oh, am I in love with this post, Candis. It is serenity personified. Beautiful images and a magical morning captured forever. Thank you for making the effort to go out.

    And now I want a canoe! :)

    Hope your weekend is lovely. Isn't our weather gorgeous? xo – g

  5. Thanks Georgianna! Go for it -- I can whole-heartedly recommend canoeing. Good for the spirit. ;-) Hope you had a lovely weekend too. xo

  6. Oh, this is simply breathtaking, Candis! The light, the tones, the compositions -- you have such talent! xoxo

  7. I'm in love. Want. All. Of. These. On. My. Walls.