I can't stop (more of the Japanese Maples)


Had a busy weekend - family came to visit, and while they were here we wandered over to the Ornamental Gardens and had an unexpected treat: Friends of the Farm were giving guided lilac tours. It was great to learn more about the history of the lilacs and their care, and learning more about the volunteers who look after them. (Hope to get the photos from that excursion up this week.)


In between the heavier bouts of rain, I've been trying to get out in the garden. It's an odd, but annual occurrence: garden looks sad and bare at the beginning of spring, and then it seems like overnight **whoosh** all manner of green things are 2 feet tall and we're on the verge of rain forest status.


Despite the forecast the rain held off on Sunday, so after the guests left around noon, I set to work. And work, and work, and work. 'Til about 7pm. When I realized that I might have overdone it for the first session after a long winter of hibernating.


Sure enough, Monday morning I had to literally roll myself out of bed, and hobble around for about an hour or so before my joints and muscles loosened up.


And in between all of the above, I've taken a few dozen shots of the Japanese Maples. Shallow dof, wet leaves, dry leaves, with the 50mm lens and the 105mm lens, etc.

I'm pretty sure I'm over it now.

Well, almost pretty sure.

UPDATE - Thanks for the emails re comments not working. I haven't changed any settings, but it looks like other blogger users and commenters are experiencing the same problem when trying to leave comments. Hopefully it's a bug that will be fixed soon!


  1. We absolutely love Japanese Maples out here on the West Coast. These are all just fabulous images of this most beautiful tree!!! Great work, my friend!

  2. Thank you! They are really lovely trees, aren't they. :)

  3. I love these trees. Your composition is perfect. Love the colors, too.