Post-Christmas Ruminations


Well, all Christmases are over at last. The ornaments are packed away, though the tree is still standing. I'm going to miss the wonderful scent of pine that greats me each morning when I come downstairs. I can pretend that I live in a forest for a few minutes each day, ha!


In other news, the winter weather has returned to snow, which makes for a more pretty scene over the dreary rain. And the days have started to change as well: with each new one I've noticed that they are lasting a little bit longer than the one before. Joy!

And finally, my camera has gone off to Nikon for repairs. They told me it would take 4-6 weeks. So the old camera and I have become reacquainted, and with a wee bit of keeping-a-positive-attitude, we're getting along just fine. ;-)



  1. Great pictures but I'm really glad to hear you've put the ornaments away but that nutcracker is clearly a scary, bad creature that was only waiting for Noods to drop his fearsome guard and then it was going to get you.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, Candis. That hanging candle is gorgeous and I love those snowflakes so darn much! We're warm and rainy and gearing up for spring. Although I'm sure we'll get walloped with some cold weather again. Have a great week. – g

  3. Hi Candis,

    Wonderful pictures and I agree with Georgianna about the snowflakes. Where I'm at we're supposed to be getting rain, but I haven't seen a drop yet. As usual, send snow! :)

  4. So sorry that you'll miss your camera but it's nice to have a replacement. Love that first item here in the post - the little star. We've had the tree down for weeks. When the holidays are over, they are ovah here! I still have the poinsettias and they add some cheer.

  5. fabulous work!!! sooooo gorgeous!!! Hope you camera come back soon Candis...I know how you must be feeling now,have faith,winter is almost gone...almost! ;)

  6. I'd say you're doing more than just fine. I really love the warm glow of the star candle. So inviting and lovely.