Freezing rain

winter 17

winter 12

winter 18winter 10
winter 1

All of these are from the archives except for the portrait-oriented photo on the right*. (This past Sunday we had a full day of freezing rain, and it had coated all the windows on the front of the house. This was the view looking out.)


  1. I know it's a royal pain, but it is so beautiful! lol

  2. So it's true: you do have to suffer for your art. ;)

  3. You use DOF so well. Were you shooting these with the 50mm at f/1.8? Are the red fruits rose hips?

  4. Mary -- it is, isn't it. Usually, the next day is an amazing ice-covered world. :-)

    Andi -- LOL

    CG -- that put a big smile on my face ... -> :D xoxo

    Jim -- Yes, for all except the covered window (*).

    The first two hor, plus the left-side por was using 50mm1.8 @1.8.

    The right-side por (*) was with the 105mm2.8 @2.8 (used that lens as it was on the D300 at the time).

    The bottom hor was with the 50mm1.8 @2.0.

  5. Beautiful :) and the snowflakes below are just amazing, wow.