Let's see if I remember how to do this ...

Old Quarry Trail Snow on Bark

Jack Pine Trees

Jack Pine Light in Swamp

Old Quarry Trail Porcupine and Tracks

Old Quarry Trail Snowy Path

Old Quarry Trail Snowy Boughs and Deer Prints

Jack Pine Light Through Trees

Jack Pine Blue Jay and Ice Crystals

Some images from Jack Pine and Old Quarry Trails taken the over the last week.


  1. These are all fantastic but the bluejay is my favorite -- what a great capture. I love the angle you took on the tree photo in the second row left -- what a nifty shot.

    Please, may I have some more ...

    1. I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took to post these, haha!

      That blue jay stuffed so many peanuts in its mouth.

    2. Well now that you've done the first one, the next one will be easy-peasy.