Winter walk

Old quarry snow - snow on top branches

Some scenes from a winter walk at Old Quarry Trail on the weekend.

Old quarry trail - along the path

Chickadee at Old Quarry Trail

Old quarry trail - winter scene

Old quarry snow - tree limbs

Old quarry snow - snow and ice on evergreen

Old quarry trail - chickadee on hand

Old quarry trail - snow on trees and grass

Old quarry trail - chickadee lands

Old quarry trail - ice-covered needles

Old quarry snow - white out branches

Old quarry trail - chickadee leaves

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to post some of my favourite photos taken in 2011. I was consolidating and updating photo files the other day and realized how few I've posted. This is a good way to work through the files and enjoy the moments again. I'm starting tomorrow with January 2011, and eager to get into the spring months - missing the colour these days!

Other odds and ends -- I don't have a social media plan, that is whenever a new enterprise starts up and I think it's interesting I join (e.g., twitter, tumbler, g+, Instagram, etc.). The other day I was thinking about it, and I find it all overwhelming! I'm not sure where to post, when/how often to post, what to post to each etc. I'm going to have to figure out a way to use these better, and hopefully not feel so scattered with them all. If any of you have any helpful advice about how you manage all these accounts, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Love those halftones with the spread wings...!

  2. Wonderful set. Hard to pick a favorite but I think if I did it might be the first b&w bird photo.

  3. Hi Candis, these are exquisite! I love the various texture images which you do so well and, wow, you got the chickadee again! I absolutely love that so much!! How precious!!!

    As for social media, it is overwhelming. I really can't say I am very good at it!

    Have a great weekend ahead. xo – g

  4. Hi coyote -- thought the bw made it look a bit more magical (not that it isn't though, having a bird on ones hand). :)

    Hi Andi -- opening wide for the peanut ... we try to break them up, but they don't seem to mind the bigger pieces ... :D

    Hi Georgianna -- that's exactly how I feel about it all - I'm sort of involved in all of them and do none of them well, haha. :)